Our Photoframes

Last week it was DT week and we made photo frames. We spent some time looking at photo frames before to help inform our plans and designs. In groups we then made prototypes to help overcome and problems and difficulties. We all found that we had to be far more accurate with our real designs. We then altered our designs and began to make the real frames. We tried to link the design of our frames to the photo that was being used. We are all really proud of our frames and they are displayed in the classroom, but we can’t wait to take them home!

We hope you like them!

Photo frames on PhotoPeach

My photo frame

What went well/ what did i like:

I think my design went well because it is different to what other people in my class have done.My painting went well because the colours and the theme complement each other.

What would I  do differently next time:

I would use 45 degree angles to make my frame look more professional and add some more decorations.


My Photo Frame!!

My Design for My Photo Frame was based on the theme of dance because I am a dancer and I’m OBSESSED with dance. Dance inspires me a lot, I dance everywhere.  As soon as Miss Lowe told us that we could design our photo frames I knew I wanted to base mine on dance. I had recently been to a dance competition, at every competition there is a photographer that take photographs of us dancing and they’re very professional! We ordered some, obviously we didn’t use the real photos in my frame, we used a photo copy of it.  I enjoyed the experience of making them and I hope you like the results!